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Covid-19 Response Products

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Lateral flow flurescence-based immunoassay

Response Biomedical
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Class B. MDA Approved
*Professional Use Only 

D-dimer is a useful diagnostic marker that can help rule out venous thromboembolism, including thromboembolic events such deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, in a quick and cost-effective ways.

  • RAMP® D-dimer test is a quantitative immunochromatographic test for the determination of the fibrinogen degradation product (FDP) D-dimer in human EDTA anti-coagulated whole blood

  • In acute care testing, RAMP System is the only fast, quantitative, and self-calibrating platform. With the RAMP 200 and RAMP reader systems, you'll get faster results with less stress in the lab.

  • *Designed to be run with RAMP System

  • **Quality control is optiona

Features and Benefits:

  • RAMP® System is a lateral flow immunoassay platform that provides accurate and precise diagnostic information in ~15 minutes. Every package includes a calibrated transfer device, as well as a patented RAMP® buffer that improves performance.

  • Using a quantitative fluorescence immunoassay principle and the RAMP ratio was utilised to adjust for sources of analytical variability.

  • Only 75 µL of EDTA whole blood are required, and the test takes around 15 minutes to complete.The calibration of a specific lot is defined by a single-use test cartridge with a barcode. 12 month shelf life.

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Lateral flow flurescence-based immunoassay
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Lateral flow flurescence-based immunoassay
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