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Our Partners 


All Eights commenced business in 1983 as a distributor for In-Vitro Clinical Diagnostic and Research products/systems. Our objective is to provide clinical laboratories with high quality, innovative products to improve their current work flow and systems. We have grown through the years, by building up our technical support team consisting of Engineers and Application Specialists to service customers’ instruments, and by keeping updated with the latest developments of the industry, including those in regulatory affairs.

Science Lab


Presently, All Eights has two offices (one in Singapore and one in Malaysia) with close to 80 employees. We have installed more than 500 IVD instruments/analyzers in both countries supported by more than 26 technical support collaborators who install and service these instruments.

All Eights (Malaysia) has been Certified for Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMD) since 2013, in line with the regulations of the Medical Device Authority (MDA) of Malaysia. We have submitted more than 300 product registration submissions, totaling more than 1200 products.

Product Lines

All Eights’ overseas suppliers and product lines span across all laboratory disciplines including :


  • Allergy testing

  • Auto Immunity

  • Clinical Chemistry

  • Gastroenterology

  • Haemostasis & Haematology

  • Internal Quality Control & EQA

  • Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

  • Molecular Diagnostics

  • Rapid & Point-of-Care Testing

  • Special Immunoassay

All Eights has diversified into other related sectors including :


  • Life Sciences Research Products

  • Food Safety Diagnostics

  • Hygiene and Environmental Monitoring Products

  • Medical Related Software

Moving Ahead

Through the years, All Eights has established a close relationship with its customers. All Eights provides a platform for international diagnostic companies to promote their products in our region. We will continue to look for unique and high-quality products suitable for the local market and will adequately train our personnel to support our customers.

We welcome all product inquiries and distribution opportunities in Singapore and Malaysia.

Learn more about our mission Here

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Image by Louis Reed
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